Nano Perma-Seal

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Nano Perma-Seal sealing is needed to protect peoples families and investments. Although stone is sold as almost indistructable, it isn't. I have seen hundreds of pitting stones, very hard to clean, and stones that have started losing their shine.

Nanotechnology Causing a Revolution
Nano Perma-Seal is a revolutionary sealant that protects glass finished products. It chemically bonds to surfaces at the molecular level eliminating microscopic peaks and valleys where corrosion begins.

The result is an ultra-smooth transparent barrier that protects glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, and granite from the harmful effects of environmental pollutants, hard water, harsh cleansers and corrosion.

Nano Perma-Seal can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, new or existing, residential and commercial, exterior and interior.

 Are You Protecting Your Investment?

If your glass, ceramic tile, porcelain or granite has lost its luster, you are seeing corrosion from environmental elements.

Harmful Environmental Elements:

  • Hard Water Deposits
  • Sea or Salt Water (water softener)
  • Aluminum Mullion Corrosion
  • Calcium and Mineral Build-Up
  • Acidic Air and Water From Pollution



The only way to help protect these stones from needing a very messy and expensive restoration is proper sealing and maintenance techniques. Our sealing process is guaranteed for 10 years. If you ever get a stain in your countertop, we will remove the stain and reseal for free.



The first thing people find is that the stone is hard to clean, and they begin to use harsh cleaners because they can't stop it from streaking and looking dirty.
You can fix the problem and teach customers how to care for their granite the proper way. Our protective sealant will last longer than 10 years if cleaned properly, but we feel 10 years is a good time to go back an recaulk, clean and reseal a countertop.

Nothing is indistructable, and that goes for our product. People have asked, if you can't get the stain out, will you replace the countertop? My answer is, NO. I didn't make the granite, I am only helping to protect it. If customers are that careless with their countertops they will find away to ruin them. Our service is for the clients that care about their investment and want to help insure their investment last a long time. We will do everything in our power to remove any unforseen stain, but we ask our customers to still treat their countertop with the proper care it deserves.

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We will personally visit your property and after a thorough evaluation, outline a restoration and maintenance program.

We can show you how regularly scheduled attention can save you time and money, and keep your place looking great.

– This includes the following:

MARBLE"the luster is the result of light penetrating the marble and then reflected by the surfaces of inner crystals".
Problems: Scratches, stains and dullness.
Solution: Remove lippage when needed. Grind, hone, polish and seal to protect from staining.

GRANITE "the igneous rock foundation of the continents of the earth."
Problem: Stains and discoloration
Solution: Remove stains, buff and permanently seal against staining.

LIMESTONE "formed by the consolidation of the shells of marine life during the Jurassic period."
Problem: Stains and scratches
Solution: Remove stains, hone and polish to restore original luster. Seal with permanent stain proofing sealer.

TERRAZZO"popularized during the Renaissance and is equally enjoyed today"
Problem: Dullness due to coatings, and scratches.
Solution: Strip, diamond polish and seal with a penetrating, permanent sealer, to protect
from staining.

TRAVERTINE "used in interiors and exteriors since ancient Roman times"
Problem: Dullness, scratches and stains
Solution: Fill holes, hone, polish and seal for stain protection.

Problem: Fading of color, grout staining
Solution: Clean grout and then apply Color enhancement sealer to bring out the natural highlights of the stone.

TILE AND GROUT RESTORATION – This includes the following:

Deep grout cleaning
Tile cleaning
Tile polishing

HIGH PRESSURE STEAM CLEANING This includes the following:

CLEAN & CAPTURE "The newest technology for cleaning the dirtiest places"
Simultaneously, this system steam cleans tile, stone & grout, and vacuums up the mess, leaving the floor virtually dry and ready to either seal or walk on.

TRASH CHUTE CLEANINGGet rid of the dirty, smelly, germ ridden inner part of the trash chute in condos and apartment buildings.

GARAGE DEGREASING AND STEAM CLEANING – Clean the parking stalls, drive ways and even clean wall and ceiling pipes with our 3,000 p.s.i. hot water heating pressure washing.

BUILDING WASHING – Eliminate years of dirt & pollution build-up.

SHOPPING CENTER CLEANING –Bubble gum, dirt & grime are a thing of the past with regular steam cleaning. Retail tenants celebrate clean sidewalks in front of their store.

RUST, OIL AND GREASE REMOVAL – Using specialty chemicals designed to enhance your property.